Making Democracy Work

Membership, Donations

The League of Women Voters accepts members who are 18 years of age. We welcome men and women, to help us grow and become an active presence within our communities.

Please read through all of the following information, decide which method you'd like to use and then follow the directions. Thank you.

We have two options to make it easy for you to join. You can mail in a check with a filled out form or you can use our PayPal link. If you have Adobe Reader on your computer, click on membership and a printable form will appear for your use. If not, go to the Membership Form page, copy and paste that form into your word processor or your notepad and print. The different levels of membership are on each form. On the printed form, several choices for activities are shown, please check any that interest you. Forms are available at our meetings. We welcome donations over and above your dues to help the League grow a community of informed voters.

If you prefer to join using PayPal, click here. Fill in the form and then click on the Submit button. Please notice that donations are not included on this form. If you wish to make a donation, you will need to go to the Donate using PayPal page.

If you do not wish to join at this time but would like to donate to the Marion County League to help us keep our communities informed, you may use PayPal. For a printable, mail-in form, click here for an Adobe Reader form or go to the Donate page, and copy and paste the form, print and mail.

If using PayPal for donations note that the default Donation Amount is $1.00. Please change the Quantity in "Your Shopping Cart" to the Desired Donation Amount For example, for a $25.00 donation, enter a quantity of 25.

Thank you for your support of the Marion County League in any way you can help. Increasing membership gives us a stronger voice and presence. Active participation as a voter strengthens our communities. Vote.